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Electrocution Injuries

We fight for justice for victims of electrocution

Exposure to high voltage is exceptionally dangerous and can lead to severe injuries. Electrocution causes substantial nerve damage, which can lead to paralysis, loss of sight or hearing, and even death. You may need to have a limb amputated or undergo surgery. In addition to those physical injuries, being electrocuted is a highly traumatic event that can leave significant psychological injuries.

Electrocution is a common workplace injury for professional contractors, electricians and others who work with electrical wires on a daily basis. Even with appropriate precautions in place, high voltage is always dangerous. When electrical equipment is not properly maintained and safety measures are not followed, that risk becomes significantly higher.

Building your case. Holding negligent property owners, professionals accountable

High voltage injury cases can be complicated. It can take a significant effort to establish who is liable among the parties involved: the property owner, the power company, any contractor or equipment operator, and contractors responsible for past maintenance or repairs made to the power lines in question. That's why you need our experienced attorneys on your side. We'll comb through maintenance records and other logs to get the facts that will support your case.

Because electrocution can cause such severe injuries and lead to high-value claims, insurance companies often resort to questionable means to prevent you from collecting compensation. They may try to deny or reduce your claim by ignoring certain types of compensation, or they may even argue that the accident was your fault.

At the Law Offices of James Morris, we have the experience and resources needed to stand up to the insurance companies and responsible parties on behalf of electrocution victims. We'll review all the details of your case and negotiate with our proven hard-hitting, fast-paced approach. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. Call (800) 477-9044.

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