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Workplace Injuries

Accidents happen in the workplace. We'll help you move forward

Every employee has the right to a safe workplace. Unfortunately, companies sometimes cut corners or fail to keep workers safe. Thousands of people die in workplace accidents nationwide every year, to say nothing of those struggling with permanent disabilities or psychological trauma. When you start your shift, you probably never imagine that you might suffer a catastrophic injury or die in an accident, yet that risk is always present.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of James Morris have extensive experience representing injury victims and families who have lost loved ones in accidents. We have represented many workers who have suffered significant and even fatal injuries. For example, James Morris represented a painter who was injured in a fall at work and awarded $1.6 million.

Our attorneys can handle all of the following workplace claims:

This is not an exhaustive list, as injuries can happen in any workplace at any time. If you've been hurt at work, contact our offices to see whether you have a case.

Getting compensation after a workplace injury can be difficult. Multiple parties, including coworkers, your employer and third parties, may share liability for the accident. Insurance companies will try to deny or downplay your injuries to reduce their costs. They might even argue that you were at fault for the accident, taking responsibility off the negligent parties.

At the Law Offices of James Morris, we're proud to stand up for workers when they need us most. Our legal team will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and cut through the red tape to get you the compensation you need. After decades of fighting and winning cases in New York, we know how to get the job done: We hit hard in negotiations and always stay one step ahead.

Don't wait to make your case for justice after a workplace injury. Contact our offices at (800) 477-9044 today for a free consultation.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents frequently involve heavy machinery or industrial tools as well as hazards that are left undetected. We have seen severe injuries requiring surgery, leading to amputation or blindness.

New York Labor Law 240 - the "scaffolding law" - relates to injuries that occur in any workplace that requires workers to be at certain elevated heights. The law enables workers who fall from collapsed or poorly maintained scaffolding to recover damages from the responsible party, which may be the property owner, general contractor or another individual. Labor Law 240 also covers objects that fall or are dropped from an elevated work surface and injure workers on the ground below, and it protects workers who sustain injuries due to ineffective or improper safety equipment such as harnesses.

Road paving accidents frequently occur when the job site is inactive but a piece of equipment or affected roadway has been left in a hazardous location or condition. For instance, an exposed hole in the roadway may not be marked off with cones or barrels, or hot tar may be left where it could cause a burn injury to a passing pedestrian or bicyclist. Less common are matters of professional negligence, such as when a finished road is not built to standard and its degraded condition causes an automobile accident.

Because of the high risk of injury on construction sites, construction companies and managers are required to follow strict regulations to ensure the safety of all workers. If you've been hurt on the job at a construction site, contact us to see if you have a claim against the site management for negligence.

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Agricultural Equipment Accidents

Today's agribusiness calls for the use of heavy duty equipment more and more frequently, which often means increased risk of injury. Often, injuries involving agricultural equipment can be severe, leading to surgery, amputation or other life-altering procedures. When injuries take place in rural areas far from medical facilities, additional complications can ensue.

Making a claim against the insurance coverage a farm or nursery carries is a legitimate way for an injured worker to pay for medical bills and other losses. However, because of the personal relationships that often exist between rural business owners and workers, moving forward with these claims can be difficult. We have extensive experience handling agricultural equipment accident cases with all the compassion and sensitivity these situations require.

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Railroad Worker Injuries

Railroad companies are held to high legal standards to keep their workers safe as they work with dangerous equipment and vehicles. When companies fail to meet those standards, federal laws regulating rail travel and commerce contain provisions for compensating railroad workers hurt on the job. These cases can be complex and difficult to handle.

Our experienced attorneys know how to comb through maintenance records and other official logs to get the facts that will support a client's case. We'll search for the evidence that the accident was due to the actions or negligence on the part of the railroad company.

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Hospital Injuries

Hospital employees work in an environment with many unique hazards. Equipment left along narrow walkways may lead to a slip-and-fall injury. In an effort to maintain hygiene, hospitals use many industrial strength cleaners and solvents that can cause chemical burns. Of course, there's always the possibility of exposure to infectious diseases or other biohazards.

Medical facilities are expected to provide a safe environment for patients and staff alike, but it is not uncommon for hospital administrators to cut corners, ignore regulations and put their employees at risk. Our attorneys can interview witnesses, review documents and help you get the compensation you need.

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Asbestos has not been used in construction or manufacturing for decades because of its known health risks. However, asbestos is present in many older structures, where the material poses risks to maintenance and construction workers who may not have been made aware of its presence. When asbestos fibers enter the lungs, they can cause or contribute to any number of ailments, including mesothelioma. Sadly, it may take years for asbestos exposure to be recognized because symptoms develop slowly.

If you were exposed to asbestos on the job, you may be entitled to compensation, especially if you were not made aware of the danger. Contact our firm for a free consultation to see if you have a case.

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