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Severe Injury

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Serious injuries can happen at any time, in any sort of accident. Car and truck accidents are perhaps the most likely to inflict severe injuries, but even someone who slips and falls in a store can suffer debilitating brain injuries. Recreational accidents, medical errors and incidents in the workplace can all cause major injuries that take months or years to heal.

Severe injuries typically lead to high medical bills, a loss of income and other expenses. For example, the estimated lifetime cost of a spinal cord injury for a 25-year-old can range from $600,000 to over $3 million. With so much money at stake, insurance companies will use every argument they can muster to pay out as little as possible. You need experienced, effective legal representation to get the compensation you need to move on after a severe injury.

At the Law Offices of James Morris, we have the experience and resources to handle cases involving the following severe injuries:

Serious injuries demand serious representation. Our attorneys have decades of experience bringing justice to victims of severe injuries. With so much at stake, you can't afford to settle for anything less. We'll use all of the evidence at our disposal to build you a winning case. That's because we know how to get things done in New York - through hard-hitting negotiations and always staying one step ahead of the opposition.

A severe injury may affect the rest of your life in profound ways, and you deserve justice. Contact us to hold the person who hurt you responsible for his or her negligence. Call (800) 477-9044 to schedule your free case evaluation.

Loss of Sight

Even with the protection of civil rights that ban discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere, coping with the loss of vision can be daunting. Depending on the extent of vision lost, people may become unable to drive, perform their jobs, run their businesses, or care for their children or other dependents at home. Accidents causing loss of sight are especially upsetting when they occur in a recreational setting, such as a paintball or batting cage facility, where proper safety measures are not observed or enforced.

If you've lost your sight due to someone else's negligence, you may be eligible for compensation for lost earning potential and lost quality of life. Contact the Law Offices of James Morris to find out if you have a case.

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Loss of Hearing

Many injuries can cause hearing loss, whether due to damage to the nerves or soft tissue involved in the auditory process or general trauma to the head. For instance, skull fractures suffered during motorcycle or workplace accidents can cause partial or total deafness. Permanent hearing loss can significantly impact your ability to work as well as your general quality of life.

After an accident that caused you to lose your hearing, you might be able to recover damages for lost quality of life, lost earning potential and other long-term losses. Because of the legal complexity of hearing loss cases, you'll need an experienced attorney from our firm on your side.

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Brain Injuries

Brain injuries, sometimes called traumatic brain injuries or TBI, occur when a force strikes the head and causes direct physical damage to the brain. Many severe injuries, such as concussions, can be suffered without a fracture in the skull. An open-head injury is one that compromises the integrity of the skull, as with a gunshot, fall from a great height or extreme head trauma during a motorcycle accident.

Most brain injuries affect victims for the rest of their lives. Their ability to support themselves or live independently may never return. If your brain injury was the result of someone else's negligent behavior, our legal team will fight to bring you and your family the compensation you need.

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Spinal Injuries

The spine is remarkably flexible, but also remarkably fragile. An ordinary slip-and-fall accident can lead to a severe injury, such as a herniated disc, with life-changing consequences. Accidents that involve a great deal of force, such as a truck collision, motorcycle accident, or fall from scaffolding, can lead to a permanent loss of spinal flexibility and movement in the limbs due to paralysis.

Damage to the spine can compromise your ability to work, care for yourself and interact with loved ones. You may be able to get compensation for lost earning potential and loss of consortium. A dedicated personal injury attorney from our firm can fight to bring you justice.

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Orthopedic Injuries

Some orthopedic injuries present life-threatening situations, such as those related to the spinal cord. Others may only affect a single finger on one hand. But even such minor orthopedic injuries can prevent people from performing their jobs, depending on the circumstances.

In some cases, an injury in which damaged bones trap or pinch a nerve may not be detected right away. The need to involve an orthopedist may not become evident until weeks after the accident. Because of this delay between the accident itself and the time an injury becomes apparent, insurance companies may try to deny your claim. Call our offices to get an experienced attorney to advocate for you and get the compensation you need.

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Injuries Requiring Surgery

When injuries require surgery, the legal circumstances surrounding the case can become complex. A negligent party may be held responsible for a patient's recovery from surgery and care for a wound if there are complications. Even when a surgical procedure is technically "successful," patients may not recover fully, leading to ongoing medical expenses and some loss of quality of life.

Complex injury cases that involve surgery have too much at stake to handle without an attorney's help. Contact our law firm to get an experienced attorney on your side to help you work through those legal realities and secure enough compensation to cover all of your costs.

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Injuries Requiring Amputation

Despite advances in surgical technology, some injuries can be so severe that a limb or extremity cannot heal and requires amputation. The loss of one or more limbs restricts a person's ability to work in most job settings. It may also affect the person's ability to care for young children or other domestic responsibilities.

If you were injured in a serious accident, such as a motorcycle or truck accident, and had a limb amputated, our attorneys can help you get the damages you need to move forward. You may be entitled to compensation for lost earning potential, pain and suffering or other long-term costs, as well as reimbursement for medical equipment such as prosthetics and wheelchairs.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/CRPS

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) are often caused by seemingly minor trauma. These conditions are characterized by persistent limb pain related to trophic and vasomotor changes. Sometimes, existing RSD and CRPS injuries only become severe upon a subsequent injury, such as one sustained in a fall or car accident.

CRPS symptoms include dramatic changes in the color and temperature of the skin over the affected limb or body part. These symptoms are often accompanied by intense burning pain, skin sensitivity, sweating and swelling. Tissue injury frequently triggers CRPS I, a term that describes patients with the above symptoms but with no underlying nerve injury. Patients with CRPS II experience the same symptoms but their cases are associated with a nerve injury.

If an accident left you suffering from RSD, CRPS or another condition that causes chronic pain, you may be entitled to a significant amount of compensation for pain and suffering. Depending on the way the injury affects your life, you may also be able to sue for lost earning potential. Diagnosing these conditions can be difficult, as can litigating personal injury claims based on chronic pain, but the experienced attorneys at our firm are up to the task.

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