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Arguments Insurance Companies Make

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In principle, insurance companies should make it their priority to pay claims in a fair and timely manner. You pay your insurer a premium. And if you're hurt in an accident, your insurance should pay the bill. Likewise, if you're injured by another motorist, his or her insurance company should cover the costs. If you're involved in an accident at someone else's home, the homeowner's insurance should provide coverage. If a business causes your injury, their liability insurance should pay your bills.

In practice, it's not so easy.

Insurance companies often focus on reducing their expenses. As a result, injury victims and their families often receive far less money than they rightfully deserve. Even if you're dealing with your own insurance company, you will likely encounter attorneys and adjusters looking for ways to deny or reduce your settlement. It gets even worse when you're dealing with another driver's insurance company. All these companies care about is protecting their bottom line, not you.

Here are some standard arguments and tactics used by insurance companies:

  • Assumption of Risk: This one is particularly common in motorcycle accidents and similar cases, such as snowmobile accidents and some work-related claims. The insurance company may argue that you knowingly took a risk and thus took on responsibility for your own injuries. Even in wrongful death cases, insurance companies often argue that the deceased was responsible for his or her own death.
  • Arguments Over Fault: In motor vehicle accidents, the other driver's insurance company might try to show that you actually caused the accident, alleging negligence on your part. In premises liability cases, they might argue that you engaged in risky behavior and caused your own fall. They'll look for evidence and eyewitness reports to back up their claim.
  • Post-Accident and Pre-Accident Injuries: An insurance company might argue that your injuries were not suffered during the accident, but rather afterward - or that they were due to a pre-existing condition. That's why it's important to see a doctor as soon as possible after your accident, even if you feel fine. Any delay can be used against you in a personal injury
  • Minor Accidents: Insurance companies will use this one in low-speed car accidents - rear-end collisions, for instance - as well as some slip-and-fall cases and other seemingly minor accidents. In spite of medical evidence to the contrary, they'll argue there is no way such a low-impact accident could have caused a serious injury.
  • Lowball Offers: This is standard practice in truck accidents and other cases where claims can get large. An adjuster will offer a seemingly reasonable settlement quickly after an accident, hoping you will accept it before the true extent of your injuries is known. Accept that settlement, and the insurer will argue that you can't fight for more money because the claim is already paid.

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