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Premises Liability

We hold property owners responsible when they don't keep the premises safe

Premises liability is a legal term that refers to the responsibility of the owner or manager of a property to provide a safe environment. If you're injured in an accident on someone else's property, you may have a premises liability claim. The key is to demonstrate that the owner was negligent, by one of the following standards:

  • The owner or other responsible party created the condition that led to the accident;
  • The owner or responsible party knew of the condition and did not adequately address it;
  • The owner or responsible party reasonably should have known about the condition and did not adequately address it.

That last standard is the most commonly applied one in premises liability cases. It's also notoriously difficult to prove. That's why you need a veteran premises liability attorney from the Law Offices of James Morris to argue your case.

Some of the issues surrounding premises liability include:

Premises liability cases can be difficult to build, but our experienced attorney is up to the task. We'll thoroughly investigate your case, including physical evidence at the accident site, testimony from any eyewitnesses and relevant records and documents. We're prepared to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and counter any arguments that the injuries may have been minor or from pre-existing conditions. We'll show that the property owner was responsible for your personal injury, and we'll bring you the justice you deserve.

Take your first step forward after being hurt on someone else's property. Contact the Law Offices of James Morris at (800) 477-9044 to schedule your free case evaluation.

Parking Lot Accidents

Property owners are responsible for ensuring safe passage into and out of parking lots from public roads. Drivers must have clear lines of sight and know who has the right of way. In winter, commercial property owners should have ice and snow removed from their parking lots to reduce the risk of liability in accidents.

Because parking lots are areas where both vehicles and pedestrians share space, negligence on the part of the owner can lead to serious injuries. Negligent security can also lead to assaults and robberies in a parking lot. If you were hurt in a parking lot because of a hazard that the owner should have addressed, we'll help you fight for justice.

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Security Negligence

Security negligence represents a failure on the part of a property owner to put rudimentary security measures in place, such as lighting or fencing. People may lock or alarm their cars, but their safety can be jeopardized if property owners fail to take reasonable security precautions. Injuries sustained as a result of negligent security can be especially traumatic because they involve intentional acts of harm.

In general, property owners do not have a duty to protect against harm caused by the criminal act of a third party, but we can often prove that the owner had responsibility to take reasonable measures because such acts were known to be likely. Commercial properties such as malls, shopping centers and parking garages are expected to have adequate security in place, and we'll help you hold them accountable if you're hurt because they do not.

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Maintenance Negligence

Building maintenance personnel can't foresee every possible problem, but they must follow a standard of basic safety to protect the public accessing the grounds. Any property on which motor vehicles and pedestrians share space can lead to grave and potentially fatal injuries if maintenance issues are ignored. Maintenance of walkways, stairs, or any other area prone to fall down injuries, particularly in winter weather, is another area where negligence can have significant consequences.

Our lawyer will look at the staffing and other resources devoted to maintenance, which could show liability on the part of the owners. We'll examine records to see if any hazards were documented but not repaired in a timely manner and interview witnesses to the accident to see whether negligent maintenance was to blame.

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Events and Gatherings

Property owners who open their doors to large crowds of people have a responsibility to prepare accordingly. Unfortunately, they often fail in that responsibility, putting dozens or hundreds of people at risk. For instance, the owner or manager of a venue may fail to mark areas separating pedestrians from vehicles or not install adequate lighting. A staircase may collapse under a greater amount of weight than it is meant to hold.

With our attorney on your side, you'll be able to prove negligence on the part of the property owner. We can find out whether fire codes and occupancy standards were followed. Our legal team can interview witnesses to see whether the owner was adequately prepared. If negligence led to your accident, we'll bring you justice.

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