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Winter Weather Accidents

Winter is a dangerous time of year. Our experienced attorney will help protect you.

If you've lived in New York for any length of time, you know about the blustery winter weather. Upstate New York and Buffalo in particular are legendary for their brutal winter weather. Ice, snow, hail and sleet can create serious hazards for drivers and pedestrians alike, and the shorter days and cold temperatures contribute to danger as well. Government agencies and property owners are required to address these hazards to keep people safe. Some common causes of winter weather accidents include:

Accidents involving winter weather can be legally complex and require the attention of an experienced personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of James Morris. We'll review your case with experts including meteorologists, engineers, human factors professionals and licensed property managers. Our investigation will determine whether the winter weather exacerbated any other negligent behavior, such as texting and driving or failure to provide adequate lighting.

With the evidence on your side, we'll take on your case and show how another party failed to adequately protect you in light of the winter weather. With decades of experience bringing justice to victims, we know how to win cases in New York: with hard-hitting negotiations and always staying one step ahead of the defense.

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Failure to Clear Ice and Snow

Whether they own private or commercial property, owners must respond promptly and appropriately to clear away ice and snow from any area used by the public. In places where pedestrians and motor vehicles move in close proximity, it is not enough to clear only the roadway of ice and snow. This forces risk on the pedestrians because they must choose between two unsafe options: walking on a snow-covered sidewalk or in the roadway.

If you've been injured in a slip-and-fall or similar accident that could have been avoided if snow and ice were promptly cleared, you may have a premises liability case against the owner or caretaker of the property. Our attorney will gather the evidence on your side and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Winter Driving

Motorists who choose to drive in the snow need to be prepared for the added risks that winter weather poses. They should take appropriate measures to prevent accidents such as allowing greater braking time and more distance to avoid rear-end collisions. Slowing down and using headlights to maintain visibility are also key.

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to take those precautions. Some even engage in dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving, texting while driving or driving while fatigued, which become even more dangerous when ice and snow make it difficult to brake and steer. You shouldn't have to suffer because another driver failed to act responsibly during winter weather. Our legal team can build your case.

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Foot Traffic in Entryways

The areas closest to a building's entryway can pose a number of injury risks as a result of winter weather:

  • Melting snow brought in on the shoes and clothes of people entering the building may form a puddle just inside the door;
  • Excessive snow melt material may remove any ice, but leave behind a level of sand or crystals that make traction difficult;
  • Snow melting from a roof overhang several days after a storm may drip down and refreeze to form an ice patch.

Building owners need to exercise a high degree of caution around the entryway during winter weather, especially if children or elderly people are among those entering and exiting. If you were hurt in a weather-related accident near a building's entryway, contact our attorneys to see whether you have a premises liability claim.

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Public Buildings in Winter

Government agencies have an obligation to maintain a safe environment throughout the year for the members of the public who utilize public buildings or spaces. Something as simple as a revolving door or a set of stairs that has not been adequately cleared of slush, snow, or ice, may pose a threat. Taking precautions is especially important for public buildings frequented by children, such as schools, libraries and family court facilities.

At the Law Offices of James Morris, we're not afraid to take on government agencies when their negligence causes people to be injured. Our legal team will thoroughly investigate your accident and make sure you get the compensation you need to move forward.

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