Personal Injury Lawyer
Buffalo & Western New York

Significant Cases

Mr. Morris has achieved several results through settlement or trial of over one million dollars. Many of these cases include confidentiality agreements to protect the clients.  A few cases recently handled by James Morris  include:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - substantial recovery achieved.

Our client was injured in a rear end accident. The injuries resulted in the development of complex regional pain syndrome. Our team of lawyers gathered evidence from a number of experts including doctors, a vocational rehabilitation expert and an economist. The evidence was successfully presented in mediation sessions to achieve a settlement for the costs of past and future medical care and pain and suffering. Our attorneys have experience in presenting the complicated and often disputed diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome.

A seriously injured electrician's apprentice received $825,000 following extensive litigation and settlement negotiations.

Our client was injured as the result of a fall caused by a violation of New York Labor Law section 240 (1). The defendant corporation failed to provide proper protection for the work performed on an elevated worksite resulting in serious back injuries and surgery.
Proof was presented in support of the violations of the workplace safety statutes and regulations.
Our client was compensated for his injuries and lost wages. The award was paid by the insurance carrier for the defendant corporation responsible.

Motorcycle Accidents

Young man accepts $470,000 settlement after suffering significant leg and foot injuries when negligent driver turned in front of him

We represented a man who was riding his motorcycle when another driver pulled in front of his motorcycle causing a collision. Our client sustained significant foot and leg injuries requiring surgery. The claim was for significant injuries and loss of earnings. The client had significant medical bills and a medical lien.  We were able to locate additional insurance and we brought claims against the motor vehicle driver and two separate insurance companies.

Trucking Accidents

Passenger injured by negligent tractor trailer driver accepts $475,000 settlement

Our office represented a woman who was a rear passenger in a vehicle that was hit as a result of a tractor trailer operator turning into our client's lane causing a collision. She suffered spinal injuries resulting in a surgery in her cervical spine, and a loss of earnings.  This lawsuit involved significant accident investigation by an expert regarding the construction and traffic flow of the area where the accident occurred.  The settlement was achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vehicle operator suffers traumatic brain injury when hit head on by box truck and family accepts $1,000,000 settlement

We represented the family of a woman after her vehicle was struck by a delivery truck.  She suffered a significant head injury resulting in treatment in a rehabilitation facility for a significant length of time.

The family of a motorist killed by negligent Tractor Trailer driver accepts $1.55 million dollars.

We represented the family of a man killed in a collision caused by a tractor trailer crossing the center line while speeding and engaging in an unsafe pass. The family sought to recover for the loss of income and benefits the father provided to the wife and children. The lawsuit was brought in Federal Court. We retained experts to examine the cause of the accident and the data contained in the black box recorders in the tractor and automobile. This evidence along with economic proof from the employer and an economist concerning the lost wages and benefits was presented at a mediation proceeding. The insurance carrier for the Trucking company agreed to pay settlement.

Workplace Injury

Painter injured in fall at work awarded $1.6 million

Mr. Morris and co-counsel conducted the trial resulting in the award. Expert witnesses, including an economist and a vocational rehabilitation expert, were retained to prove claims related to lost wages, benefits and disability.

Airplane Crash

Passenger receives settlement in skydiving plane crash

Mr. Morris successfully represented a Buffalo area woman who was seriously injured in a skydiving airplane crash in Tennessee. The plane crashed during takeoff as a result of a failure to maintain the plane's engines. Mr. Morris investigated the case and retained an aviation expert who reviewed the cause of the crash. Mr. Morris met with witnesses and counsel in Tennessee, and the case was sued with the involvement of Tennessee counsel. Mr. Morris prepared the client for depositions and accompanied the client in depositions in the case. The case was resolved before a judge following a lengthy mediation process handled by Mr. Morris in conjunction with Tennessee local counsel. The settlement included payment of the full policy limits of insurance on the plane and additional payments. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed pursuant to the client's wishes.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Passenger accepts $775,000 after a crash caused by a drunk driver

A female passenger suffered neck injuries in an Amherst automobile accident. She received a structured settlement that will pay her approximately $2 million with a present value of $775,000. The insurance carriers for the drivers paid the settlement.

A female driver accepts $380,000 for a significant back injury

The woman who sustained the injury received the compensation after a lawsuit, which resolved just prior to trial. The insurance carrier for the negligent driver paid the settlement.

A male driver receives $300,000 for back injuries

A lawsuit was filed, and following discovery, including depositions of the parties, the defendant's insurance carrier paid the entire policy limits.

A male driver awarded $275,000 by an arbitrator in a supplemental underinsurance claim against his own insurance company

He suffered significant rib and lung injuries. The plaintiff had previously been paid $25,000 by the defendant's insurance company. The client's insurance carrier refused to make any payment prior to the arbitration.

A female pedestrian awarded $225,000 by an arbitrator in a supplemental underinsurance claim against her own automobile insurance company

The plaintiff had previously been paid $25,000 by the driver's insurance company. Her insurance company had initially refused to make any payment for spinal injuries she sustained when struck by the defendant's vehicle.

A male driver accepts $205,000 after a crash caused by a driver who ran a stop sign

The male driver suffered neck and hip injuries. This case was resolved, and the insurance carrier paid the settlement after extensive negotiations.

Nursing Home Neglect

A family accepts $250,000 for the neglect of a seventy-seven year old nursing home resident

The patient was not properly cared for, resulting in large bedsores that became infected and hastened his death.

Injured Child

Mother accepts $225,000 and $50,000 on behalf of her two children injured in a car accident

Two young female passengers suffered injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The insurance carrier for the driver paid the settlements.

A child is awarded $125,000 in a settlement for injuries sustained as the result of being attacked by a dog

The insurance carrier for the landlord paid the settlement as the dog owner was uninsured. An extensive investigation was required to prove the landlord had knowledge of the dog's vicious nature.

Slip and Fall

A female accepts $190,000 for a neck injury sustained from a fall on the ice

This settlement was reached at a mediation hearing after a lawsuit was filed and prior to trial. The insurance carriers for the negligent property owner and maintenance company paid the settlement.

Burns and Scars

An infant burn victim received a $175,000 settlement

The insurance carrier initially disclaimed coverage. Our office brought a declaratory judgment action resulting in a finding of coverage, which eventually led to the settlement for the child.