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Pharmaceutical Liability

No child poisoning injury should stand between you and justice

Some public health advocates warn that the wide acceptance of prescription medications for children, particularly anti-depressants, is putting young people at unnecessary risk. While parents do their best to make an informed decision, sometimes the prescribing doctor may not have been made fully aware of a drug’s potential risks when prescribed for children.

If you feel that your child has sustained an injury or loss of health due to a reaction to a prescription drug that you were not warned about, a pharmaceutical liability case may be a valid recourse to recover damages. At the Law Offices of James Morris, we are ready to listen to your side of the story and to put our experience to work for clients.

A child poisoning case can be emotionally exhausting. Our experience can help get you back on track. Call today.

A childhood poisoning/toxicity injury may have occurred several years ago, but that is a small amount of time compared to your child’s lifetime of coping with the effects. New York law allows for an extended period of recovery for damages as the statutes of limitations on an injury to a child may not begin to be tolled until that child turns 18. If you have any questions at all about recovering damages from a childhood injury, contact us today for your free case evaluation at (800) 477-9044.