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Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Abuse

We're committed to protecting the elderly and their families.

Few acts are as morally reprehensible as elder abuse. Elderly victims are chosen specifically because of their limited ability to defend themselves. Often, the victim must rely on the abuser for basic needs or support, creating a power imbalance that can cause abuse to go unreported and undetected. Some victims may also have difficulty recalling details of the abuse or be unable to communicate coherently.

Sometimes, the perpetrators of elder abuse are members of the person's own family. In other cases, professional caregivers are to blame. Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to broken bones, often sustained during falls, and other serious injuries that may require surgery. Other injuries are psychological in nature, making them especially difficult to detect.

Nursing home staff members have a particular responsibility to keep the people under their care safe. Nursing home abuse can result in physical harm or psychological damage such as humiliation or isolation. In some cases, staff members deliberately withhold medications from nursing home patients, perhaps to steal for themselves. Withholding medicine or food can lead to serious medical issues or death.

Some types of nursing home abuse don't target a specific resident. A consistent pattern of neglect, abusive behavior, or threats to the nursing home's overall patient population also constitutes abuse.

Elderly victims have legal rights. We can help

Collecting compensation in cases of elder abuse can be difficult. Eyewitness reports may be inconsistent or unreliable. Elderly victims may have pre-existing conditions that an insurance company will use to dispute the claim. That's why you need an attorney from the Law Offices of James Morris to argue your case.

Our legal team has decades of experience bringing justice to victims of elder abuse. We know how to build a strong case, how to counter the arguments made by insurance companies and how to win in New York courts - with determined, hard-hitting litigation and by always staying a step ahead of the opposition.

No victim of elder abuse should be denied justice. If you've seen a loved one hurt or killed due to abuse, contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation. Call (800) 477-9044.

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