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Car Accident Injuries

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Injuries sustained in a car accident can instantly change your entire life. You might be unable to work or spend time with your family. Mounting medical bills, physical therapy and medical equipment such as wheelchairs can significantly add to the cost of your accident. The pain and suffering caused by your accidents can last weeks or months or even years.

Depending on the weight, speed and direction of the vehicles involved, car accidents can cause anything from minor bumps and bruises to severe injuries such as brain trauma, whiplash, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and injuries requiring amputation. The actual location of the impact and whether any safety equipment (including seatbelts) was used can also influence the severity of the injuries.

Some of the most common types of injuries we see are:

There are several ways you can seek compensation for car accident injuries. You can accept a settlement from an insurance company for the driver responsible for your accident. Or you can take your case to court and allow a judge and jury to decide how much money to award you in the form of a verdict. Both scenarios can be very complicated and take into account many different factors, including the impact of the accident on your life. Worst of all, many insurance companies often argue that your injuries are minor and they will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible.

If you've been injured due to someone else's negligence, you shouldn't have to deal with the consequences alone. At the Law Offices of James Morris, we've been bringing justice to the injured for decades. Our attorneys will take the fight to the insurance companies and make sure you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and move forward. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Passenger Injuries

In the vast majority of cases, passengers hurt in car accidents are injured through no fault of their own. While it's possible for a passenger to be held liable for an accident - if, for instance, he or she blatantly distracted the driver - such cases are rare.

That doesn't change the fact that passengers have to deal with often severe injuries that are someone else's responsibility. They may miss work, spend thousands on medical treatment and physical therapy, or even suffer a permanent disability. Children involved in accidents are especially vulnerable, partially because their bodies are so much more susceptible to harm and partially because they can suffer psychological injuries by witnessing a loved one's injury or death.

While it's very rare for a passenger to be held liable for an accident, an insurance company may still look for ways to reduce or deny your claim. They might argue that you had a preexisting condition or that you waited too long to see a doctor. Get an experienced attorney from our firm on your side to make sure you get the compensation you need after your accident.

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Seat Belt/Airbag Injuries

Modern cars are safer than ever thanks to an array of safety features. Seat belts, airbags and other safety equipment can make the difference between life and death in the event of an accident. However, when those safety devices don't function properly, they can actually cause injury and death.

Seatbelt malfunctions can lead to internal damage or broken bones. A malfunctioning airbag that deploys unnecessarily can cause permanent eye damage. Such issues can also cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle, leading to a collision and even more injuries.

There are several reasons why your vehicle's safety equipment might malfunction. Design flaws or shoddy manufacturing might be to blame, in which case you may have a product liability claim against the manufacturer. A mechanic working on your vehicle may have inadvertently made your seatbelt inoperable, in which case he or she could be liable for your injuries. You'll need our experienced attorneys in your corner to find out what happened and hold the responsible party accountable.

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Child/Infant Car Seat Injuries

No one is more vulnerable to being injured in a car accident than children. That's why manufacturers build dedicated car seats to keep them safe from harm. Unfortunately, the very safety seats intended to protect children are sometimes to blame for their injuries.

Design defects that reduce safety are common in car seats, and many have been recalled by their manufacturers for that reason. Some of the most common issues are defects in the clips, buckles and seat attachment mechanism. If your child was fastened into a child safety seat yet still received an injury related to not being properly restrained, a defective seat was likely to blame.

If your child was injured in an accident due to a faulty car seat, you deserve justice. Our attorneys can investigate all of the circumstances surrounding your case, determine who was responsible and fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

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