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Workers' Compensation

After a work injury, we'll help you get what you need to move on

If you are injured on the job, you owe it to yourself and your family to get workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are paid out by the employer's insurance company to employees who have been hurt at work. In concept, it's a simple system. In practice, actually getting the benefits you need can be difficult.

Workers' compensation allows you to be compensated for your monetary losses after an injury - whether small or severe - at work. The law also provides benefits to dependents of workers who are killed because of a work-related accident or illness.

At the Law Offices of James Morris, we believe injured employees have a right to justice. That's why we're proud to help with every stage in the workers' compensation process.

Here's how our workers' compensation attorneys can help you

The process of filing a workers' compensation claim can be somewhat complicated. If you miss a deadline or misfile a document, you may lose the benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. With an experienced attorney from our firm on your side, you can rest assured that your claim will be properly filed and your rights will be protected.

Even though you have a right to compensation, your employer's insurance company will use attorneys who understand the system and are paid to deny claims. They might argue that the injury was not truly work-related or that it was the result of your own negligence. You'll need our attorneys on your side to deal with that opposing counsel.

Workers' compensation is limited in terms of what it does and does not cover. To pursue compensation for all the losses sustained in an accident, such as pain and suffering, you may need to pursue a workplace claim against a party other than your employer - for instance, an equipment manufacturer or a contractor. We can help you review the circumstances surrounding your injury and see who we can hold accountable.

Decades of experience bringing justice to injured workers

We've been working with the workers' compensation system in New York for a long time, and our attorneys know how to get results. We win cases by using all available evidence, hitting hard in negotiations and always staying one step ahead of the opposition, especially when we're up against savvy insurance companies and their attorneys.

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