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We stand up for victims of serious truck accidents in Buffalo

We see heavy trucks on the road in the Buffalo area all the time, on highways like I-190 and making deliveries in the city. Unfortunately, every truck has the potential to become a hazard at any time, and some of the most dangerous truck accidents are rollovers.

When tractor-trailers roll over and people get hurt, we stand up for victims. The Law Offices of James Morris has the experience and resources to hold the truckers and trucking companies accountable for rollover accidents. If you were injured or lost a loved one, talk to a Buffalo truck accident attorney at our law firm today.

What causes truck rollovers?

Most truck rollover accidents are caused by driver error. Rollovers often occur when a trucker drives too fast on a curved road or fails to compensate for the sharpness of a turn. They may swerve too fast to avoid an obstacle or overcorrect when they think they are losing control of the truck.

Safe, responsible drivers should be able to avoid rollovers. However, negligent driving behavior can increase the risk of a rollover. For instance:

  • Drivers who are distracted may not see a turn or obstacle in time to avoid swerving.
  • Drivers who are impaired may take risks on the road.
  • Drivers who are speeding may lose control on a curve or in inclement weather.
  • Drivers who fall asleep may not even realize they have lost control of their truck.

Some rollovers are also caused by vehicle-related factors. For instance, if the load is unbalanced or the truck’s center of gravity is too high because of the way the cargo is stacked, the risk of a rollover increases. Other rollovers are caused by poorly maintained brakes, suspension issues, or underinflated tires.

Either way, the fundamental problem is negligence on the part of the trucking company. Trucking companies need to make sure their drivers are trained and experienced to make safe maneuvers and avoid rollovers. They also need to refrain from putting pressure on the driver to go too fast or skip mandatory rest breaks. And trucking companies need to properly maintain their vehicles and ensure they are loaded correctly, putting safety first.

Sometimes, another party is partially responsible for a rollover – for instance, if another vehicle cut in front of the truck and the driver had to swerve to avoid a collision. One reason you need an experienced truck accident attorney is to investigate what happened and identify all responsible parties.

We hold the trucking companies accountable

Unfortunately, too many trucking companies put profits ahead of safety, and when their negligence causes rollover crashes, people are badly hurt. That’s why you should contact us right away. Our job is to hold them accountable and fight for full compensation for victims.

That starts with a thorough investigation. We know how to get to the bottom of a truck rollover accident. That includes poring over physical evidence from the scene as well as documents such as accident reports. We will secure relevant documents from the trucking company, including the driver’s hiring and supervision records, the truck’s maintenance records, the hours of service (HOS) log, and more. When necessary, we retain expert witnesses to help us piece together what happened and who was responsible.

We also build your case for the full amount of compensation you deserve under New York law. That may include your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and numerous other costs. We are skilled negotiators who are adept at handling the trucking companies and their insurance companies. We also are prepared to file a lawsuit and take them to trial if that’s what it takes to get results for our clients.

Schedule your free consultation with a truck rollover accident lawyer

It’s important to act quickly. In New York, you legally have up to three years to file a lawsuit, but you need to get started much sooner than that to build the strongest possible case. Some of the key evidence in a rollover case is the trucking company’s property, and they may be able to legally destroy those documents within months if an attorney does not intervene promptly.

We also need to gather physical evidence before it’s washed away by weather and interview witnesses before they forget what they saw. And the sooner you hire a lawyer, the sooner we can start dealing with the trucking company and their insurance company on your behalf while you focus on getting better.

Don’t go up against the trucking companies on your own. We have the resources and experience to level the playing field, and you don’t pay us a cent unless and until we win your case. If you were hurt or lost a loved one in a truck rollover accident in Buffalo or anywhere in Western New York, schedule your free consultation today.

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