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How Truck Accidents Happen

We fight to hold negligent truckers and companies accountable

Commercial truckers are held to higher legal standards than motorists in general. Because truck accidents can cause so much damage, truck drivers are expected to take extra precautions to keep themselves and other motorists safe. Unfortunately, many truckers and trucking companies engage in unsafe practices in order to make their deliveries faster. Those practices put motorists at risk of severe injury or death.

Some accidents involving trucks happen when motorists drive in a truck's "No-Zone;" that is, the blind spots located directly behind the truck and on the left and right rear sides. Other times, truck drivers cause accidents by failing to signal, recklessly changing lanes or otherwise disobeying traffic laws.

The majority of truck accidents are caused by the reckless or negligent actions of truckers or trucking companies. Our attorneys have years of experience gathering evidence for truck accidents caused by the following negligent actions:

You shouldn't have to foot the bill for a trucking company's negligence. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident, contact the Law Offices of James Morris today. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate you case and find the evidence you need to find the trucker or trucking company at fault.


Trucking companies run strict delivery schedules with little room for error. When a truck falls behind schedule, perhaps due to road work or unfavorable conditions, some companies put pressure on the driver to drive at unsafe speeds in order to make a delivery on time. Other times, the blame for speeding is on the trucker, who may want to finish work early or take an extended break.

Regardless of the circumstances, speeding is exceptionally dangerous. Big rigs are difficult enough to stop and turn without the added loss of control that comes at high speeds. Our investigation focus on finding evidence that the trucker was speeding, such as eyewitness reports and police reports, to use in your case.

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Because of the amount of pressure on trucking companies to make deliveries at low cost, truckers or trucking companies sometimes load their trucks with more cargo than they can safely carry. An overloaded trailer makes a truck more difficult to stop or turn, often leading to collisions. When our attorneys investigate your case, they'll look for any documentation that the truck may have been overloaded.

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Distracted Truckers

Truckers spend their entire working days behind the wheel, so it makes sense that they may want to multitask. However, engaging in distracting behavior while driving a commercial truck is very dangerous. Texting while driving is perhaps the most common distraction, even though it's against the law nationwide for all commercial truck drivers. Other common distractions for truck drivers include adjusting the radio, talking to a dispatcher or eating behind the wheel.

Distracted truckers often cause rear-end collisions, which can cause devastating damage when an 18-wheeler hits a passenger car from behind. A veteran attorney from our firm knows to look for the telltale signs of distracted driving, including eyewitness reports and the truck driver's own statements. We believe in holding truckers accountable when they choose to put other motorists at risk.

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Exhausted Truckers

By law, truck drivers are required to take rest breaks throughout the day to keep them safe on the road. However, due to strict delivery schedules, some trucking companies put pressure on drivers to work through those breaks, and some truckers do so on their own initiative as well. This creates unsafe situations where truckers become fatigued and even fall asleep at the wheel.

The telltale sign of an asleep-at-the-wheel trucker is a lack of skid marks, as sleeping drivers usually don't wake up in time to attempt to stop before making contact. Truckers who fall asleep at the wheel also tend not to remember the accident, which we may be able to determine by reviewing their statements. Our attorneys will also look for any evidence that the trucker worked through those mandatory breaks, whether by choice or due to pressure from the trucking company.

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Improper Maintenance

Poorly maintained or inspected trucks are disasters waiting to happen. Malfunctioning brakes, turn signals, tires and other vehicle components can all contribute to accidents. During the winter, maintenance-related accidents are especially common because some truckers fail to properly winterize their rigs.

Liability for a maintenance-related accident may fall on the trucker or trucking company if proper maintenance schedules were not followed. Alternatively, the mechanic who actually performed the work may be liable for a maintenance error. We'll follow the paper trail surrounding the truck's maintenance to determine who is responsible.

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