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Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

We fight for full compensation for brain injury victims

Car accidents can injure any part of the body, but some of the most life-altering injuries involve the head and brain. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have a dramatic effect on your career, your family, and your future. The cost can be tremendous. A car accident lawyer can help.

We understand what you’re going through, and we also understand the tactics that the insurance companies use to pay brain injury victims as little as possible. If you sustained a concussion in a car accident in Buffalo or anywhere in Western New York, contact the Law Offices of James Morris today for a free consultation.

How car accidents cause traumatic brain injuries

The impact of a car accident can affect the brain in several ways. You may have hit your head on the steering wheel, a window, a seat, or another part of the car. Or you may have been hit by a flying object or debris from the crash.

However, even if you didn’t hit your head, you may still have a traumatic brain injury. If your head moved violently forward and backward during the crash, your brain may have struck the inside of your skull – this is called a coup-contrecoup brain injury.

Some of the other types of brain injuries that can be sustained in car accidents include:

  • Concussion: although a concussion is considered a “mild” traumatic brain injury, there is no such thing as a truly minor TBI. Concussions can still have a significant long-term impact on your life. A concussion also puts you at risk of a life-threatening complication called second impact syndrome if you sustain another concussion before the first one has fully healed.
  • Brain contusion: this is a medical term for a bruise on the brain. Some contusions may heal on their own, but they can also lead to complications like blood clots and bleeding in the brain.
  • Acquired brain injury (ABI): this type of brain injury is a secondary effect of another injury that interrupted the flow of oxygen to the brain. If you stopped breathing for a few minutes prior to being revived, you may have an acquired brain injury.
  • Penetrating brain injury: this is a serious type of brain injury that can be caused by an object piercing the skull or by a skull fracture that sends bone fragments into the brain.

Again, there is no such thing as a minor brain injury. If you have any reason to suspect a concussion or other brain injury after a car crash, get immediate medical attention.

Know the warning signs of a concussion after a car accident

Concussions may not have immediate symptoms, so even if you feel fine after the crash, you may not be in the clear. Contact your doctor right away if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent headache
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Seizures
  • Dilation of one or both pupils
  • Altered sleep patterns (insomnia or narcolepsy)
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Difficulty concentrating or reading
  • Mood changes and mood swings

Concussions are often associated with other types of injuries, such as whiplash and other neck injuries. If you have any injuries in the head or neck area, you should get checked out by a doctor right away for a possible concussion.

In addition, pay attention to the people around you. Some of the symptoms of a concussion, like behavioral changes, may be more obvious to people who know you than they are to you. If someone close to you notices that something seems off, get checked out by a doctor.

An experienced car accident lawyer can fight for full compensation for your concussion

A brain injury can have dramatic effects on your health, quality of life, and financial future. You may need long-term medical treatment or medication to manage symptoms. You may need to see a specialist such as a neurologist. Your ability to work may also be affected, as can your overall quality and enjoyment of life.

Insurance companies know that the cost of a concussion claim can be quite high. They will do everything in their power to pay you as little as possible. That’s why, after getting medical attention, your next call should be to the Law Offices of James Morris. We understand the tactics the insurance companies use, and we put in the effort to build your case for the full compensation you deserve for your brain injury.

We would be honored to listen to your story and deal with the insurance company on your behalf while you focus on healing and rebuilding your life. If you were injured in a car crash in Buffalo or anywhere in Western New York, we know what to do next. Schedule your free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney today.

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