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Nursing Home Neglect Interview

Attorney James Morris represented a man who was admitted to a nursing home for rehabilitation following a surgery. His family was visiting him regularly and they felt that he was going downhill fast. Eventually they demanded he be taken to a local hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, the hospital staff showed the family that he had horrendous bed sores. Those bed sores became infected and he eventually died as a result.

Our investigation revealed that the bed sores had occurred because he had not been turned regularly by the nursing home staff. The nursing home claimed that his health issues resulted from preexisting conditions. We were able to prove through the doctors and nurses we retained that the lack of care at the nursing home caused the pressure sores to develop, resulting in the infection that killed him. Despite a vigorous defense from the nursing home, our attorneys were able to obtain a recovery for the widow and her children. The damages we recovered gave this man's widow peace of mind and enabled her to maintain the quality of life she would have had if her husband had survived.

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