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Injuries to Children Interview

While any accident can be a painful and traumatic experience, injuries to children are especially devastating. For parents, it's a nightmare scenario. Children can be severely injured on playgrounds, in swimming pools or after darting out into the road, to name a few unfortunately common examples. Often, negligence or improper supervision is to blame.

At the Law Offices of James Morris, we know that families who are dealing with an injury to a child or grieving a loss deserve compensation. We take special care when working with children, parents and caregivers who need help with a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

If your son or daughter was injured years ago and the severity of the injury is only now starting to become clear, you may still be able to make a claim. That's because the statutes of limitations for an injury to a child may not begin to be counted until that child turns 18 years of age in most cases in New York. (The most common exception is injuries to newborn children, in which case the parents must often take legal action within 10 years.)

Your family deserves experienced, compassionate representation during this difficult time. Contact our firm for a free consultation.

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