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Hernias, Surgical Mesh And Serious Injury Risks

This condition should have a simple solution, not one fraught with complications.

A common medical condition, a hernia occurs when tissue bulges through an abnormal opening as well as the skin. This is usually caused by a weakness or strain on a part of the body. Weakness in the tissue can be caused by pregnancy, being overweight, muscle strain and tear, or through a surgical scar where the tissue is already weak.

The most common type of treatment begins with a surgical procedure via laparoscope. This involves the insertion of a small camera into the opening so the surgeon can properly assess where to place reinforcement mesh. Then the surgeon implants the mesh itself to prevent the repaired hernia from recurring.

Ethicon's Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh is supposed to provide the barrier between a second round of tissue damage and a healing body. However, Ethicon has begun a recall on their product due to high rejection rates - which means the affected area may herniate again. The result is more surgery and potentially more complications, leading to time away from work and loved ones, to say nothing of the financial and emotional cost.

For many patients, that means a lesser quality of life and long recovery process. A surgery should not be a re-occurring process that hinders your ability to function or have peace of mind over your bodily integrity. If you've been affected, don't worry. We're here to fight for your dignity.
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An Apology Isn't Enough: The Risks of a Faulty Medical Product:

The recent recall of Ethicon's product, Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh, could mean a recall on your quality of life. A patient should never have to undergo the same surgery multiple times to fix a problem caused by what was supposed to be a solution. You don't need more pain, more embarrassment, more appointments - and missed time away from a vibrant life.

The Law Offices of James Morris has been fighting for patients wronged by negligent manufacturers for years and will fight for the compensation you deserve. Even a relatively minor surgery shouldn't require a second or third procedure to repair damage caused by a faulty product. However, our offices can help you with one treatment: Contact us for a free consultation and we will help you take that first step towards the healing you need.