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Hit and Run

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A hit-and-run accident occurs when a driver fails to stop to exchange information with the other motorist involved in the accident. Just because the driver stops to “check if you’re OK” does not mean the driver is free to leave. The driver must provide documents, including proof of valid license, insurance information and any other information required by law. It’s important to remember that you might initially feel OK, but you may actually have an injury. Not all injuries sustained in car accidents are immediately visible or apparent, such as when a victim experiences reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

In many cases, hit-and-run drivers have some reason to avoid law enforcement, such as being under the influence of alcohol while driving or some other outstanding citation or warrant. You should not attempt to pursue a hit-and-run driver who flees the scene. Leave that to the police.

A hit-and-run injury was not part of your plan. Now, you need a plan to take back control of your life. Call today.

Every hit-and-run victim has the right to see that the law is applied fairly. At the Law Offices of James Morris, we will be honest with you about your case, your legal options and how we can help. Contact us today, in full confidentiality, at (800) 477-9044. Your initial consultation is free. If we do take your case, we don’t get paid unless you win. The client may be responsible for disbursements advanced on the case.

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